USA Strikes Gold At World Cup Series Miami

On the closing day of the Women’s and Men’s 470, Laser, Laser Radial and Finn fleet of World Cup series Miami. United States won the gold medal.

David Hughes and Stu McNay were the only participants from the United States to enter the race of medal of Men’s 470. In all both was the only hope of US to win the regatta. However, in the beginning of the race, it does not seem that the duo will make it. In the initial round, the team of US was strongly beaten by two teams Akira Takayanagi and Tetsuya Isozaki from Japan and Pavlos Kagialis and Panagiotis Mantis from Greece. Greece team secured third position while the Japan makes it for the first. On the other hand, team US, Hughes and McNay were in seventh position.

The first run of the tournament was pivotal for US to win. And in the run, team USA showed spectacular performance and moved into fourth position, leaving Mantis and Kagialis to ninth position. Before the finish the American team was almost like losing a boat, however, by staying ahead of the team Greek and in fifth position, team USA secured themselves of overall first. Takayanagi and Isozaki with their overall performance secured the position of second overall.

Speaking after the win, Hughes said, “Patience was success key this week. This regatta is different from others, to win this regatta the sailor had to be mentally fit all the time, in addition, and the sailor has to keep themselves ready to strike back. When the opportunity itself comes, the sailor just needs to best use it. Here, if someone tries to create opportunity, they will be bear the consequences.”

Men’s 470 is a wonderful sport as on get the chance of competing for a long period of time. I would be happy to compete with future generations of sailors,” said McNay.