Clemson University Sailing Club Treasurer Used The Club Money For Rent, Spring Break

A student of Clemson University and also the former treasurer of the sailing club of school is accused of using the credit card of organization to pay for his rent, tuition and a for a spring break trip to Key West, Florida.
The name of the student is Mateo Gomez and he is now 22 years old. He was arrested on Friday and facing the charged of breaching trust, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SCLED). He has been sent to jail at the Pickens County Detention Center (PCDC).

The arrest warrant of accused says, Gomez handled the money disbursement of for the Clemson University Sailing Club between the period of January 2016 and September 2017, and he was given the credit card of organization to manage the expenses of the club. But, he used that debit card to make “purchases and charges of a personal nature.”

According to an affidavit laughed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SCLED), a university-backed the internal audit of the financial records of the club showed that Gomez used nearly $18,406 of the club money for personal purchases and many ATM withdrawals.

After finding Gomez accused, the members of the club reported their doubt on Gomez to the Police Department of Clemson University on 29th of Sept. and then the agency asked for the help of SLED with the investigation.
Along with giving the school expenses, Gomez used the card to make a partial payment on a class ring of Clemson University, the affidavit says this.

According the document shared by SLED, Gomez confessed the crime
Phonebook of Clemson University lists Gomez as a senior mechanical engineering major. The spokesman for the university John Gouch, said for current semester, he was enrolled, but not enrolled for the coming semester.