Challenging Day 3 At SB20s

The day three of the SB20 World Championships was a challenging day for many of the racers with changes seen in the weather pattern as well as the top placing. It was not such a good day for the Australian sailing team as two of their boats saw a decline in performance on day 3. The Flirtatious dropped from the fourth position to the sixth and the Export Roo had to settle with the sixth position on day 3 after ending Day 2 in the 3rd position.

The first two races on day 3 was a decent one with wind speed of 15 knots. The third race saw the winds to loose speed and making it a very difficult race course for the boats. The competition is also getting tougher and the sailors are looking to outdo the other teams. Due to this the competition got rougher and there were three recalls made before commencing the first race on Day 3. There were at least 12 teams that fouled of the Black Flag.

The Export Roo is captained by Michael Cooper and it finished in the 5th position in the first race on Day 3. But, the boat had its worst race of the regatta and was placed in 29 and 27 positions out of the 72 boats.

The other Australian yacht Flirtatious also did not have a good day on the job as it finished the three races in 8th, 19th and 5th position, with their partners Yacht Rental Croatian left disappointed with the results. The French crew riding on France Jeune and skippered by Gabriel Skoczek, is the current leader after 9 out of the 14 races and is just one point ahead of the second placed Russian team New Territories.

There are five more races to be completed in two days time. It looks like the leader board could see a complete change after the completion of all 15 races.