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Stay In A Massive Luxury Yacht At The Cost Of $800,000 A Week

One of the largest yachts in the world, as well as the most luxurious mega-yachts Aquijo, is in Auckland. It is here for the maintenance for a two month. Now, the stop is over and it is ready to go on a voyage. This yacht has the height of 91 meters, the mast towers of

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Clemson University Sailing Club Treasurer Used The Club Money For Rent, Spring Break

A student of Clemson University and also the former treasurer of the sailing club of school is accused of using the credit card of organization to pay for his rent, tuition and a for a spring break trip to Key West, Florida. The name of the student is Mateo Gomez and he is now 22

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Yacht owner receives US$ 20 million in insurance

The proprietor of Barbie, one of the two superyachts demolished in a fire in Turkey, got a US$ 20 million insurance payment. A unit of 14 Lloyd’s insurers paid US$ 20 million to the owner of Barbie, a hundred-seventy foot superyacht which was demolished by fire in January, in Turkey. The yacht was made by

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