The Laser Class Terminates Laser Performance

The International Laser Class Association has stated that the managers of the famous racing sailboat class are looking for new builders for complementing the prior manufacturing the prior network.

The move was made following the longtime developer of the class dinghy, LPE or Laser Performance Limited violated the terms of LCMA or Laser Construction Manual Agreement that is for making sure that the Laser class boats are identical in nature, irrespective of where they are being constructed.

Tracy Usher, the Class President mentioned that they are disappointed to notice such a productive and long-term relationship to come to an end for protecting the level of investment and competition in the market for about 14,000 International Laser Class members and above 50,000 sailors across the world sailing the dinghy from Laser. LPE has a manufacturing facility based in the UK and has been an ILCA-approved developer who makes boats for major people of Europe, Americans, and Asia until this week. Usher stated that class has terminated LMCA with regard to LPE when the builders refused to allow for the inspection of their boats built in the manufacturing unit as written in the contract.

Usher went on to explain that the primary thing about the class is the capability of the sailor to race others on a level playing field. The only way it is possible to guarantee that level of equality is by making sure that every builder is making the boat in accordance with the manual from Laser Construction. Usher said that LPE has denied their right to check on the factory of LPE. As per her statement, it is the same for every class of the racing boat with one design. She says that if they aren’t sure that these are all the same then they will not have a class left.

Stay In A Massive Luxury Yacht At The Cost Of $800,000 A Week

One of the largest yachts in the world, as well as the most luxurious mega-yachts Aquijo, is in Auckland. It is here for the maintenance for a two month. Now, the stop is over and it is ready to go on a voyage. This yacht has the height of 91 meters, the mast towers of Aquijo is over the Auckland Harbor Bridge. The Kiwi team is currently working to start sail of this massive yacht.

The team is using the crane to remove this huge two-tone sails. On Friday, it will be checked over and serviced. The Service Manager of the North Sails said on this “We have two teams working on the yacht. On the production side, we have a spinnaker and the other is service side, but due to this operation everything has been put on hold and we are working on these sails only for two weeks.”
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Clemson University Sailing Club Treasurer Used The Club Money For Rent, Spring Break

A student of Clemson University and also the former treasurer of the sailing club of school is accused of using the credit card of organization to pay for his rent, tuition and a for a spring break trip to Key West, Florida.
The name of the student is Mateo Gomez and he is now 22 years old. He was arrested on Friday and facing the charged of breaching trust, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SCLED). He has been sent to jail at the Pickens County Detention Center (PCDC).

The arrest warrant of accused says, Gomez handled the money disbursement of for the Clemson University Sailing Club between the period of January 2016 and September 2017, and he was given the credit card of organization to manage the expenses of the club. But, he used that debit card to make “purchases and charges of a personal nature.”
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Tough Conditions For The Volvo Ocean Race Prologue

The first 24-hours of the prologue leg from Lisbon to Alicante brought challenging, but light conditions to the fleet in the Mediterranean.

The Prologue is a scoreless race to deliver the seven-boat fleet from The Boatyard in Lisbon, Portugal to the home start port of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante, Spain ahead of the race start on 22 October.

At the scheduled start time of 1400 local time in Lisbon on Sunday afternoon (1300 UTC), the sea was relatively still with extremely light and variable winds.

Race Director Phil Lawrence and his team asked the crews to continue due south, under power, towards Gibraltar, and two-hours later the fleet was rewarded with a light, but steady 7 to 10 knot northwesterly breeze, allowing racing to start at 1515 UTC.

Xabi Fernández and his MAPFRE team led the fleet off the starting line, racing downwind in a race to get south. Continue reading Tough Conditions For The Volvo Ocean Race Prologue

CRASH Sailing Cup Won By Cundall Sailors

The crew of Cundall had to wade through the choppy waters and testing conditions to take home the CRASH Sailing Cup and become champions of the 2017 Championships.

Cundall had to face tough resistance and challenge from the mixed crews from the construction industry big wigs that included 8Build, Taylor Winpey, and ACO. They also got the better of last year’s champions RedSkyIT.

The sailing started in the evening before the race day that included a charity auction for CRASH. This was the chance for the sailors to meet and interact before the most awaited sailing event. There were a total of 12 crews that set sail along with their professional Sunsail skippers. The races started in the afternoon and Cundall managed to become the victor of the waves just after three races. The second place went to Taylor Winpey’s Central South Division and the third spot went to last year’s winners RedSkyIT.     Continue reading CRASH Sailing Cup Won By Cundall Sailors

USA Strikes Gold At World Cup Series Miami

On the closing day of the Women’s and Men’s 470, Laser, Laser Radial and Finn fleet of World Cup series Miami. United States won the gold medal.

David Hughes and Stu McNay were the only participants from the United States to enter the race of medal of Men’s 470. In all both was the only hope of US to win the regatta. However, in the beginning of the race, it does not seem that the duo will make it. In the initial round, the team of US was strongly beaten by two teams Akira Takayanagi and Tetsuya Isozaki from Japan and Pavlos Kagialis and Panagiotis Mantis from Greece. Greece team secured third position while the Japan makes it for the first. On the other hand, team US, Hughes and McNay were in seventh position.

The first run of the tournament was pivotal for US to win. And in the run, team USA showed spectacular performance and moved into fourth position, leaving Mantis and Kagialis to ninth position. Before the finish the American team was almost like losing a boat, however, by staying ahead of the team Greek and in fifth position, team USA secured themselves of overall first. Takayanagi and Isozaki with their overall performance secured the position of second overall. Continue reading USA Strikes Gold At World Cup Series Miami

Challenging Day 3 At SB20s

The day three of the SB20 World Championships was a challenging day for many of the racers with changes seen in the weather pattern as well as the top placing. It was not such a good day for the Australian sailing team as two of their boats saw a decline in performance on day 3. The Flirtatious dropped from the fourth position to the sixth and the Export Roo had to settle with the sixth position on day 3 after ending Day 2 in the 3rd position.

The first two races on day 3 was a decent one with wind speed of 15 knots. The third race saw the winds to loose speed and making it a very difficult race course for the boats. The competition is also getting tougher and the sailors are looking to outdo the other teams. Due to this the competition got rougher and there were three recalls made before commencing the first race on Day 3. There were at least 12 teams that fouled of the Black Flag. Continue reading Challenging Day 3 At SB20s

Yacht owner receives US$ 20 million in insurance

The proprietor of Barbie, one of the two superyachts demolished in a fire in Turkey, got a US$ 20 million insurance payment. A unit of 14 Lloyd’s insurers paid US$ 20 million to the owner of Barbie, a hundred-seventy foot superyacht which was demolished by fire in January, in Turkey.

The yacht was made by Al Jadaf at its Dubai shipyard in the United Arab Emirates in 2006, was destroyed on 4th Jan, after a fire broke out on The One, a Lurssen built yacht in 1973. Both these yachts were moored in the Marmaris harbor. The fire spread quickly to the Barbie docked next to it. Continue reading Yacht owner receives US$ 20 million in insurance

World Sailing rankings released

The rankings of the World Sailing Match Race have been released with Ian Williams (Great Britain) staying on top of the Open section with Camilla Ulrikkeholm (Denmark) guiding the women’s. Ian claimed the very first win of the World Match Racing Tour 2016 to solidify his World No 1 position but Taylor Canfield stays in touch at World No 2.

The Williams, Canfield fight does not look like finishing at the top of Open Rankings following the debut of the M32 into World Match Racing Tour. Camilla Ulrikkeholm holds the No 1 position in the women’s division and it is followed by France’s Anne Claire Le Berre and Sweden’s Anna Kjellberg.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee have announced a squad of 10 sailors to contest 5 events, earlier this morning at the Wakatere Boating Club on the North Shore of Auckland. Three of the crews named have won world championships in the present Olympic cycle in their respective categories.

Two of the team would be coming back for their 3rd Olympic Regatta. Another 3 of the team would be coming back for their 2nd Olympic meet. Two of the crews won Gold medals and Silver medals in their respective classes at Olympic Regatta 2012 in Weymouth, England.